1089-INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing - Nigeria

Conflict Descriptions
Nigeria (APC supporters – PDP supporters), Nigeria (farmers – pastoralists), Nigeria, Chad et al. (JAS-Boko Haram)
Location of Conflict
company responsibility: direct involvement
contribution to delivery: manufactured
year of order: 2014
year of delivery: 2015
number ordered: 20
Supplier Country
Weapon Category
armoured vehicles
Conflict Detail Descpription
Nigeria (APC supporters – PDP supporters):
The violent crisis over the orientation of the political system
and national power between supporters of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) and supporters of the People's Democratic
Party (PDP) continued. While APC and PDP are the two
major political parties of the country which also compete
on national level, the conflict was mainly characterized by
disputes on local government area (LGA) levels. APC and PDP
supporters clashed in several states and accused each other
of ballot snatching and vote buying. Throughout the year, at
least seven people were killed and 60 injured.,
Nigeria (farmers – pastoralists):
The limited war over subnational predominance and resources
between farmers and pastoralists continued. While
the original conflict items were the control of arable land
and cattle, contemporary political, ethnic and religious issues
between the predominantly Christian farmers of Berom and
Tiv tribes, on the one hand, and the mainly Muslim Fulani
pastoralists, on the other, overlaid the conflict dynamics. In
total, violence between various farming communities and
mainly Muslim Fulani pastoralists led to more than 740 fatalities.
The states most affected were Kaduna, Benue, Delta,
Plateau, Kogi, Edo, and Ondo.
At the beginning of the year, violence erupted with high fatality
rates in multiple clashes, amounting to a death toll of at
least 259 before April.
Nigeria, Chad et al. (JAS-Boko Haram):
The war over the orientation of the political system between
Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'Awati Wal-Jihad (JAS), also known
as Boko Haram, and the governments of Nigeria, Cameroon,
Chad, and Niger continued for the tenth consecutive year.
The group is opposed to secular and liberal values, in particular
Western education and democratic systems, seeking to
establish an Islamic caliphate in the region. Throughout the
year, the Nigerian government received intelligence, material
support and military training from the USA, the UK, France,
Germany, Israel, and Russia.
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