1877-Raytheon - United Arab Emirates

Conflict Descriptions
Libya (opposition), Yemen (al-Hirak / Southern Yemen)
Location of Conflict
company responsibility: as ultimate parent
contribution to delivery: manufactured
year of order: 2014
year of delivery: 2015-2017
number ordered: 24
Supplier Country
Weapon Category
military components
Conflict Detail Descpription
Libya (opposition):
Years after the fall of Ghaddafi during the Arab Spring, Libya is in the midst of a civil war. Since then, government troops on one side and the fighters of General Chalifa Haftar have been facing each other there. The government is supported with arms supplies by Turkey and Qatar, Haftar's troops by Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. According to the UN, deliveries have continued since then and the arms embargo against Libya is completely inefficient. The embargo was established due to systematic violation of human rights, including repression of demonstrators by the government.,
Yemen (al-Hirak / Southern Yemen):
The violent crisis over secession of southern Yemen between the al-Hirak movement and the government of internationally recognized President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi escalated to a war.
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