243-WZL-1 - Cameroon

Conflict Descriptions
Cameroon (English-speaking-minority)
Location of Conflict
company responsibility: direct involvement
contribution to delivery: modernized
year of order: 2014
year of delivery: 2016
number ordered: 2
Combat helicopter
Supplier Country
Weapon Category
military helicopters
Conflict Detail Descpription
Cameroon (English-speaking-minority):
The war in Cameroon between different groups of the English-speaking minority and the French-speaking Cameroonian government continued. Cameroon has been experiencing an interplay of protracted crisis situations which continue to define political, economic and social developments in the country. Longstanding grievances in the anglophone community in Northwest and Southwest regions due to marginalisation of the minority English-speaking regions by the francophone-dominated government escalated into widespread protests and strikes in late 2016. This has resulted in the emergence of different separatist groups clamouring for the creation of a self-proclaimed Ambazonian Republic in the northwest and southwest. Clashes between the military and the separatist forces has intensified insecurity in the regions.
Additional Info Delivery
WZL1 overhauled and upgraded the helicopters before delivery