615-Pratt & Whitney Canada - India

Conflict Descriptions
India – Pakistan
Location of Conflict
company responsibility: direct involvement
contribution to delivery: manufactured
year of order: 2012
year of delivery: 2013-2015
number ordered: 75
Supplier Country
Weapon Category
military components
Conflict Detail Descpription
India – Pakistan:
India and Pakistan are in violent conflict over the status of the Kashmir region, water distribution, international and regional power. Since Pakistan was established, the sovereignety of the Kashmir has led to various violent confrontations throughout the years, as well as rearming on both sides, including nuclear bombs. The most recent escalation of the conflict took place in 2019. Following fire exchange both sides were accused of shooting down an airplane and threathened to start a full scale war. While the situation eventually deescalated, diplomatic tensions remain high, particularly regarding mutual accusations of state-sponsored terrorism.
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