802-Rostec - Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Conflict Descriptions
Syria (opposition), Yemen, Saudi Arabia (al-Houthi forces)
Location of Conflict
company responsibility: as ultimate parent
contribution to delivery: awarded license
local co-producer: Parchin Missile Industries
year of order: 1995
year of delivery: 1996-2020
number ordered: 5000
Anti-tank missile
Supplier Country
Weapon Category
Conflict Detail Descpription
Syria (opposition):
The war over national power and the orientation of the political system between opposition groups and the government continued for the 10th consecutive year. The opposition was primarily comprised of the National Coalition for the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NC), its military wing Free Syrian Army (FSA), and Islamist umbrella groups, such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The latter was formed in a January 2017 merger between Jabhat Fateh
al-Sham, formerly al-Nusra Front, the Ansar al-Din Front, and other Islamist militant groups. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was supported by Iran and various Shiite militias from Syria and neighboring countries, most prominently the Lebanon-based Hezbollah. Since 2015, Russia has supported the government with airstrikes and ground forces. Furthermore,
the government, its allies, and opposition groups fought against the so-called Islamic State (IS) [! Syria, Iraq et al. (IS)]. Depending on the source, the conflict's overall death toll varied from 370,000 to 600,000. As of December 2020, at least 5.6 million people have sought refuge in neighboring countries and 6.9 million have been internally displaced since the beginning of the conflict.,
Yemen, Saudi Arabia (al-Houthi forces):
The war over national power between al-Houthi forces, supported by the Iranian government, on the one hand, and the internationally recognized Yemeni government, supported by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, continued. At the same time the conflict between al-Qaeda and the al-Houthi forces also continues. In December, UN-OCHA suggested the war's total death toll had reached 230,000. Millions have fled, two thirds of the population are dependend on food aid. The United Nations calls it the „worst humanitarian crisis in the world“.
Additional Info Delivery
built in Iran by Parchin Missile Industries under license from Russia